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What does it mean to be a true friend?

Who has been there most, or all, of your life?
We have people in our lives for different reasons and we should want to spend time with them, not need to.

Sometimes we’ll make that call and they’ll turn up, unannounced, to wipe your tears, hand you wine, coffee, a tissue, a shoulder, whatever it takes to sooth you in the moment – no conditions!

People will use you for introductions to connections and that’s OK, as long as you understand and accept this, it’s a choice you make. Our friends make us who we are and we, in return, should enhance their lives accordingly.

We meet peoples by chance and we also reach out to others for the hand of friendship and we learn, from every relationship, good and bad!

Recently I met a very strong and positively compassionate woman named Rizwana Anwar who spends her time promoting a positive mind-set in others.

She helps women nurture their relationship with their ‘new’ selves. The ‘she’ we become, when looking after family, home, work and especially children lead us to losing our true selves.

As a wife and mother I lost who I was and that’s fine, it was a choice, it’s what we do. Till suddenly we realise we’ve lost our sense of who we really are.

What about me?

I longed for my younger self, not in a superficial way but intellectually.  I had to find a new version of me. Going to Strathclyde University was the best thing I ever did.  I did it for me and no one could do it for me. I felt instantly motivated and created a new environment for my mind and well-being.

I’ve never been happier, or more importantly, content, in the place I am in my life. I have a wonderful family, good friends, business relationships and my work. I’ll never look back with regret.

People say I’m lucky but I know the truth and the struggles I  overcame to be contentedly reconciled with who I truly am.

Friendship need to be nurtured and should not be transactional or for show. Networking and business type exchanges have their place but these should, in the main, have equal weight.

Friends, true friends should never weigh you down.
Here’s to my good Friends! 

I love you, just the way you are!


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