Be Still My Dripping Heart!

Here we go!

Another year and another table for one! Don’t get me wrong it’s my choice to be on my own but seriously, even my independent, confident heart leaks when overwhelmed with a barrage of blood red hearts and flowers!

Nothing was further from my mind when I went shopping for a birthday card. Yet, there I was, face with promises to ‘love you forever’, ‘always in my heart’ and proclamations of ‘undying love’!

To be perfectly honest, my craving is for an evening of sexual desire with no promise of forever because, if done properly, it’s bloody exhausting and once a year, well maybe once a week, is enough; I’m a busy girl!

I was lucky when I was young and fresh to always have cards to open on 14th February. One year I got 14 but most of them were from pals of my two younger brothers stating what they’d like to do to me. It was both flattering and terrifying in equal measures.

In my previous life my husband always worked on Valentines evening and sometimes I went in to help out and it was one of the quietest and most uncomfortable evenings of the year. Especially when some spontaneous, knee bender proposed.

Pure Riddie!

The poor victim is usually required to say yes in order to save embarrassment and get him off his knees while everyone looked on. Then I could sense the raging of disappointed ‘others’ sat there getting drunk thinking ‘how embarrassing’ but all the while wishing it was them faced with a sparkly, suggestion of forever.

I still have the very first Valentine’s card my husband gave me in 1977 which wound up and played My Funny Valentine! He would always give me beautiful gifts to open on a special evening created for us, away from the madness of the 14th.

Any evening should be special if intimacy is involved and should be treated as an occasion but I’m afraid, sex like everything else, has become too available. ‘Forever’ is no longer an option in our very, fast paced, transient click of a button culture.

So, all of you lovers out there go buy your cards before they are sold out or you’ll need to present your love with and Easter egg. You could always place a sparkly gift inside to make up for the lateness!

Yesterday I was at an End of Sumer Party in Dimora in Newton Mearns then went to buy some milk and there they were; christmas cards, decorations and festive treats. On one of the hottest days of a wonderful season.

Personally I think chocolate, on a cosy night in, would be much more fun to melt in the heat of the moment?

See you next time!

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