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First Love!

For the Love of Coffee! I love the Aroma of fresh coffee and possibility in the morning. When we say we love ‘things’ no one bats a puppy lashed aye but when it come to saying thos three short words people run for their lives or think they have to commit to the idea of forever. Why are some people scared of the word ‘Love’?

It frightens some people and fills them with such dread that they run away, filled with anguish and fear that they might have to walk a plank, towards a sea of vows, to be honoured and obeyed till murder do they part.

In this day and age, it’s more than acceptable love someone without all the baggage and long term commitment associated with the church and legalities of government institutions. 

One of the definitions of love is the idea of attraction based on sexual desire which involves the intimacy and tenderness felt by lovers, established through trust and understanding.  That’s how the Oxford Dictionary explains it.  This is nothing to do with a horse and carriage but is still a definition of Love .

Men can talk about how much they love football and no one turns a bald head but if a woman suggests she loves him he chokes on his pie and runs for the hills.  She might simply be saying she loves spending time with him, loves the sex, the intimacy and being with him.  Women are very vocal about their feelings but are also a new generation of independent, house owning, modern versions of Casanova. 

Women these days are game changers and roll a dice as competently, if not more accurately, than men.  Especially more mature women who know exactly what they want and can see right through even the most seasoned lads about town.

I’ve experienced the most wonderful and intense love any woman could ever want or need, resulting in two brilliant daughters whom I love unconditionally.  I think we all have one true love that no other will match up to.

My longest and most enduring loves however are Coffee and Glasgow and when I think of them together it is my idea of a threesome that excites and stimulates me more than any relationship ever could.  If smells are said to make us fall in love, then the most persistent fancy in my life is definitely coffee!

Coffee has never let me down, hurt my feelings, or cancelled on me at the last minute.  It’s always there, in one form or another.  Sometimes it’s bitter and at others it’s weak but, I can depend on it, from the very first whiff, to uplift my mood and give me the energy to carry on with my day.

I love the smell of possibility and coffee in the morning and my favourite is by a company called Italian Aroma whose passion for coffee is matched only by their commitment to provide us, well me in particular, with the highest quality coffee beans. 

Their coffee is ‘drum roasted’ using traditional, Italian methods and they use the world’s finest Arabica and robust beans which ensure it is always fresh and aromatic.

The company was established in 1992 and they are an independent family business who pride themselves in supporting clients both locally and internationally.  Last year secured a massive contract to export coffee to Turkey; which is quite a feat for such a new company.

They now sell coffee online from Amazon and provide a range of ancillary products from own label sugar, chocolate, crockery and their own unique tea brand. 

Or, if you are an aficionado like myself, you can even go for Barista training or get your staff trained and is free to existing clients. 

I’ve never been that interested in tea as it makes me think of builders, swearing, bare bums and phrases like, “Happnin’ darlin’?’, “How’s it gaun hen?” and “Ye up fur a sh..?”.  Whereas the smell of coffee arouses memories of Italy and “Ciao Bello, cosa stai feccendo?”,  “Come va?” and “Ti piacerebbe fare l’amore?”. 

No contest between tea and coffee for me!

It is said, certain fragrances give us pleasure, or not, because they remind us of a certain person or time in our life.  Fragrance is both evocative and disturbing in equal measures.  Scientists suggest they alight memories buried deep from past loves and childhood and can be therapeutic.

Maybe someday my senses will be overwhelmed by an aroma which will lead to an erotic or lustful affair that will last longer than a cup of coffee but for now I’ll bask in my memories!

See you the next time!


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