History of Coffee!

What’s the first thing you think of when you smell coffee and where do you think it comes from? There are many myths and legends regarding the origins but I love the funny, charming one about Kaldi and his dancing goats. It might not be true but it certainly is one of the most entertaining. What do you think?

I’m sure, like myself, when you dream of coffee  it’s not about dancing, mountain goats but that’s all about to change!

Legend has it, a shepherd named Kaldi’s goats started to give it laldi after munching berries from a bush. He noticed they became very lively after eating the bright red fruit.

Although today there are around 5,000 types of Arabica beans from Ethiopia and it grows in many other places this is, by far, the most charming tale. It was around 9th century and Kaldi and his family used to move around, leading a nomadic existence. He amused himself by playing his Pipes…bet he did!

Kaldi supposedly watched the goats for a while, reveling in the dancing goats and then had a go at the shine beans himself. Before he knew it the sun was setting and he was having a gay old time dancing a merry gig with the happy, hairy beasts.

Now, call me an old cynic but if my man, or son for that matter, came home and spun a yarn like that for being late to dinner I’d have my doubts.

What’s your funniest coffee story?

Comment below!


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