Cosy Cossachock!

What do you love about Glasgow? This City is awash with culture, hospitality, centres of excellence and fun loving people. We have restaurants, pubs, theatres and some of the best universities in the world. For the first time though I’ve tasted Russian food and was delicious.  Read on to find out more about Cossachok!

‘’Cossachok’’ is the first and only truly authentic Russian Restaurant in Scotland. With our help you will taste the most popular ethnic dishes of Russian and other cuisines. The cuisine’s allegiance to former Soviet Union culinary traditions is represented on the menu!” Cossachok

I had a lovely evening on my first visit to Cossachok. It has a very welcoming feel and Robert who greeted us was handsome and very charming which, I can tell you added to the experience. It crossed my mind to take a bite out of him!

The decor is delicious and I’m having the best time before I’ve even ordered any food. The ambience is rustically Russian, warm, inviting and I notice they have great Italian Aroma Coffee which is one of my favorites.

We decided on a main course and sweet. I opted for the Golubsty, which sounds like a character from Lord of the Rings and it was heartwarming. Consisting of rice and mincemeat wrapped in cabbage leaves it was comforting and full-fulling on such a cold evening. The Mary, my friend, had juicy Lamb with rice and later commented she could lick a Shashlik any day of the week!

My sweet tooth was more than satiated in Cossachok with the Layered Honey cake which delivered a smooth, silky, salacious hit to my senses; all of them.

Monica our server was gorgeous, extremely efficient and added to our authentic and very enjoyable experience. I now have a newly formed allegiance to the former Soviet Union and, let’s be honest, in this climate we need all the allies we can get!

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Learn to cook your own Russian food by clicking here!

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