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How Good is Your Coffee?

What nation drinks the most coffee? I’ve always thought it was the Italians but it’s not. Having spent a couple of months in Finland I am shocked to find out they are the world’s top Coffee Drinkers! This baffles me because didn’t drink one memorable cup of coffee and by my second visit I decided to take coffee with me.


Finish people are known to consume more coffee per head than any other nation in the world but, even they, admit it’s not hot on quality; as suggested by Svante Hampf, the owner of Kaffa Roastery in Helsinki. Although figures state Fins drink between 7 to 30 cups a day what they drink is not quality.

I feel they are fighting a losing battle in looking for the Holy Grail of coffee in a country who are drowning themselves in mediocre, caffeine offerings. Also, she says throwing her coffee beans out the pram, I don’t think it’s fair that they are top of the list for are drinking ‘pretend’ brew. Most of the coffee consumed is really light roasted and darker roasts are not easy to find.

I was in Åland for 5 weeks and didn’t find a half decent espresso. In fact, few people understood what I was asking for. To most people ‘kahvi’ which means coffee is light roasted and they are happy with that, for now!

My conclusion is; The Finns drink more cups per capita because Finnish ‘coffee’ is not satisfying and the quantity they drink is down to refilling; in the hope the next hit might taste better and give them the kick they are yearning for!

Wake up and smell the Roast!


  1. Finland – 12 kg per person per year
  2. Norway – 9.9 kg.
  3. Iceland – 9 kg.
  4. Denmark – 8.7 kg.
  5. Netherlands – 8.4 kg.
  6. Sweden – 8.2 kg.
  7. Switzerland – 7.9 kg.





6 thoughts on “How Good is Your Coffee?”

  1. Hello. You wrote: “My conclusion is; The Finns drink more cups per capita because Finnish ‘coffee’ is not satisfying and the quantity they drink is down to refilling; in the hope the next hit might taste better and give them the kick they are yearning for!”

    Our world is full of opinions, but this is incredible opinion! Cannot understand! 🙂

    Have you ever thought that we can make shopping bags from empty coffee bags, which means that we “save” the world, because we do not have any need to buy shopping bags, but we make them:

    How to make bags from empty coffee bags

    P.S. Home made coffee is best!

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    1. Great response! My opinion is just that…my opinion!
      They drink a bigger quantity of weaker coffee. It’s a choice!
      Love your idea about the bags!

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    2. I love coffee and am lucky enough to be given it by some great companies here in Glasgow and I particularly like the process of grinding and making it fresh but when I was in Aland I found it was mainly filter coffee served and, for me and my taste, it was quite weak and not that tasty. I will, however continue to seek new and good coffee when I am there next. The thing is my Swedish Son-in-love agrees with me and he lives there. Thank you so much for reading and responding to my article. GG

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      1. Thank you.

        Well, my aunt lived nearly all her life in Sweden. During my many visits to her home, I did not notice that Swedish coffee was special, not even normal in cafés. We have made two road trips thru Sweden and no special coffee, just normal. Well, coffee is imported to Finland mainly from Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam and Indonesia. They are different. We personally love Colombian coffee.

        I have worked in Spain where I used to drink “Cortado”. In France, where I have visited more than 30 times, I have taken Café Espresso. I do find them normal coffee. They are as good as the coffee which we make in our home, not better, not worse. We have not been in Aland and we do not know from which country coffee is imported there.

        You wrote this: “They drink a bigger quantity of weaker coffee. ” No,no, it is quite the opposite, because it is so tasty! LOL. I have heard that Swedish meat balls are best in the world. This is not true, because my wife makes best meat balls in the world. LOL.

        If you suspect, if I have worked in Spain or travelled to France many times, then you should check my posts which are written in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese). This proves that I have some knowledge of coffee in the world.

        Taste matters can always be disputed!!!

        Best regards from Finland, which offers experience which you cannot find elsewhere, like free reindeer races which are open for everybody, world’s biggest snow castle, world’s biggest wooden church etc.

        I hope you are not humorless and understood my humor!!!

        Stay healthy,

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