Social Media


If digital marketing was a game and you buy followers, you WILL Lose!

Entering this derby will do nothing but damage your brand and reputation. Your presence on all platforms will be less attractive to potential customers. You would be as well stepping back to a time when tins of cheap meat filled you up at mealtimes but, the quality was never great.  If you had the money to buy steak would you consider opening a tin of spam?

Bought follower will bring you the cold shoulder and buttocks of a fat, lazy mammal. Your customer base will be in danger; because no matter how much they believe in you, they will also be stuffed and you’ll make a pig’s ear of their loyalty. As soon as you accept false followers you give them access to your people.

Why would you do that?

They are not genuinely interested in anything you have to offer; only what’s in it for them and it will cost you money and your integrity. They will never buy your product because they are not real and have sold their souls to the lowest bidder.

Fake engagements are available in three short, sharp, clicks oh, and your bank details. There you go 1000 online zombies for a tenner. Bang, you win, what? A load of inappropriate Bots, an inaccurate algorithm and special deliver costs when spam is delivered to your genuine followers.

How do you know they are fake?

One glance at an account and you’ll see they are all from similar countries, Ireland, Russia, Far East and may other, sometimes unrecognisable, ‘towns’ and ‘cities’ in far flung places your product will never reach. They will follow more than they are followed, they do not interact and more importantly, they will steal your credibility!

You’ll lose out to the competition!

Game set and match!


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