Afternoon Delight

Do you ever get that sinking feeling in the afternoon?

I love a hefty breakfast and think about coffee as I go to sleep. Overnight porridge is my go to at the moment because it’s pre-prepared and easy; bit like myself actually. I’m always willing and able but that’s for another platform and not really appropriate for a daytime audience!

Last week I was invited to an Italian Afternoon Tea and the very idea of it made me question the concept. History dictates this ritual is performed around 4pm but the Italians are in ‘riposo’ after a very substantial lunch and some vino. In my experience of living in Italy, the afternoons are for leisurely naps and or amorous activity, if you’re lucky.

Even although Italians have dinner very late in the evening I would argue Lunch (pranzo) is the main meal of the day. Afternoon tea would be alien Italians. Here in Britain though it can be traced back to the early 1800s and became a social occasion whereby visitors would come calling.

Before afternoon tea was introduced by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, people only had two meals a day. The very thought if it. It’s only 11.15 and I’ve had breakfast, 3 coffees, a banana, a very healthy Quinoa coconut and hemp bar, an oatcake and am already thinking about what to have for lunch.

The Italian Afternoon Tea I attended was at Dimora in Newton Mearns in Glasgow and was being run by local ladies for charity. Peppe, the owner prepared delicious cheese croquettes, rice balls, pizzette, bruschetta topped with extremely fresh cherry tomatoes, freshly made bread and focaccia sandwiches filled with salami, mozzarella and other delights. The sweets were a delight to the palette and the eye with a selection of scones, tiramisu and various home baked cakes.

Although I had misgivings it was a delightful afternoon and certainly gave a new twist on Afternoon Tea. Of course I had coffee as they serve my very Favourite Italian Aroma. Peppe and his staff as usual were efficient, cheery and so welcoming on what was a very busy day when they were full to capacity.