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7 ways to Keep him Interested!

How do you keep your man interested in you for the longhall?

Men have short attentions spans and are very basic in their needs.

One of my very good menpals told me recently; “Men basically want sex and food but not necessarily in that order.” I have my own tried and tested methods for keeping a man interested and here are 7 of my best tips!

  1. Be confident and bold but don’t stand in front of the telly when he’s watching football unless you are naked and holding, at least, a pint of beer and a pizza.
  2. Don’t take him for granted and when he asks you to wait until the game is over to ‘give you a seeing to’, do not take his attention for granted. Be grateful to him for considering you and not just for cup finals but especially if it’s he has important semi!
  3. Stay independent and don’t give up your friends because he’ll love you more because you’ll have them when he goes to away games and nights out with the boys. It’s important for him to know you’re not looking for someone better and he loves it when you have friends over to stay. Especially when he knows he’ll not be back till about 5am. This shows how much he wants to be with you.
  4. Surprise him with things he likes, men love it when you loose your inibitions and suddely you say, “Let’s do that thing you love!” and get the tub from the back of the cuboard and hand it to him. It will be such a treat when he realises it’s not even his birthday. He’ll love you all the more for being pro-active.
  5. Keep flirting with him, even if he asks if something is wrong with as you keep pulling your top down and biting your bottom lip. Do be careful of course if you are in a public place or if your lip starts to bleed. Practice coquetry and sexual actions using body language to suggest your intentions. Be playful and amusing but be careful doing this standing up, you don’t want to look silly and fall over.
  6. Match his commitment level, This one is easy, because you’ll never have to book a restaurant, buy flowers, or get dressed up to go out; ever again! AND and added bonus is, there’ll be no need to shop for that perfect dress, or arrange a very stressful wedding. You will even get used to shopping for your own Birthday and Christmas gifts. Also, on valentines day you can stay in and cook dinner for you both and save a ton of money. Win Win!
  7. Lastly, make him feel like a man Unscrew some doors and cupboards so that he can fix them, let him order the take-away, give him a massage and most of all, give him full control in the bedroom and let him know how much you enjoyed and savoured the 5 minutes it took him to make love to you!

Oh, I nearly forgot, always remember to thank him and let him know how ‘special’ he is!

Next Time…

Tempt him with Food?

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