Entering Rossini’s I’m transported to Deliceto, Foggia where my 19-year old self had her first plate of orecchiette. Every meal for me is a new experience and back then it was exiting, new, romantic and delicious!

Rossini in Hyndland Street makes the best plate of Orecchiette I’ve tasted for a very long time. It has a homemade texture and flavour that any Italian nonna would be very proud of.

The owners Ester and Maurizio, who gave birth to the magical North Star Café, and a gorgeous daughter, have grown up and matured into Restaurateurs and have definitely taken a prime spot in the aggressively competitive West End of Glasgow.

I normally have the Orecchiette Barese which is made with turnip tops, pecorino cheese and finished off with fresh chillies and extra virgin olive oil. There is a ‘meat Option if you fancy it and I’m always up for a bit of Italian Sausage, so can add that for £3. My main course of choice is the Pollo Ripieno with roast potatoes and heritage carrots.

The service is always optimal and friendly and I’m always amazed with how they manage with a very small staff when larger chains have an army of people running around pretending to do something. It’s welcoming and cosy with chic and fresh decor.

Dynamic duo, Ester and Maurizio, have a knack of always making you feel special and satisfied. So no matter what your mood when you leave you will leave you’ll have a sense of belonging and a wish to go back as soon as possible.

If you’ve ever been to Puglia in Italy and want to bask in nostalgia and authentic food then this has to be the choice for you! They also serve my very favourite coffee but I’ve yet to have a sweet as I’m normally so fulfilled

To book a table click this link Rossini and transport yourself there in a flash of Maurizio’s pan!

Or if you want to experiment and make your own here you go; Homemade Orecchiette!

Buon Appetito!

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