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7 Ways to Tempt him with Food?

Is he satisfied with your dish?

How do men like their favourite dish, wholesome or whoresome? Food, like the male ego, can be complicated and how you present your dish can make such a difference to your relationship. Give him yoghurt and he’ll want to spread it all over you and lick it off but, are you the girl he wants to marry?

Here are 7 ways to please him with food!

  1. Before you cook fish let him smell your fresh, fishy fillets and give him a taste of what’s to come. Prior to preparing your flaky, moist, tender flaps, wave them in front of him before spreading them over a soft, tender bed of succulent salad and you’ll have him slavering salaciously!
  2. Chicken is a high protein option and I think the thighs are the sexiest part of this bird. I like to spread mine out and slather them with hot, dripping lard before rubbing them with a mixture of chilli powder and pepper. There’s no way he won’t lust after these hot, fulfilling parcels of juicy tender meat from upper limb. Will he come back for more? You bet, he’ll come; time and time again.
  3. Fresh meat is my all-time favourite! It’s such a masculine ingredient and there’s nothing I like better than pounding a chunky piece of beef. I like my rump patted dry before being drizzled with oil then roasted for about 3 minutes. This method ensures heat is spread evenly on all sides. I’ve even been known to do it on a barbecue but I’m very clumsy and it can be a bit dangerous!
  4. Men don’t like to admit it but they love a quality dish on the side! These accompaniments, in smaller offerings, showpiece your inventiveness, create balance and compliment the main spread. Some women struggle with the ‘contorno’ and often run out of ideas but, at the end of the day, things need to look attractive to keep his attention. Unfortunately side dishes are a necessary part of his sensory experience and we need to accept this!
  5. The tradition of eating organs, especially among women, has fallen out of favour. I love a bit of muscle or offal and they make a nice change. Many people don’t like these parts and can find them disconcerting. However, the nutritional value of masticating these tissues cannot be underestimated. Take a break from lean meat and get tore into testicles, intestines and tongue. We need to understand, as far as men are concerned, even a little brain might bring something to the table. Try to find some joy in the parts we usually balk at, and who knows, you might even enjoy it? I’m sure your man loves anything you present, on a plate, in front of him!
  6. A man’s appetite fades if he has too much of the same food, so how do we keep him interested? When the pleasure of the first course is gone tempt him with your sugary treats. Nothing turns a man on more than a juicy fig drizzled with honey or a delicious, chocolate covered strawberry. Science dictates our sensory specific need for sugar is significant to pleasure. So, mix your magic potion, let him suck your sweet delights and BAM…you’ll have him addicted to your sticky honey; for at least two weeks!
  7. Seven is my lucky number and having done all of the above, when things heat up, my go to is ice cream. It’s one of the most playful desserts and next to melon (a healthier option with a high water content), is the best thing for quenching a flaming hot situation. Either of these two will titillate your frisky lover to finish him off!

Best of luck and stay sexy out there!

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