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Lose Weight with Coffee

Can Coffee help you lose weight?

According to a study by hundreds of, so called, experts coffee helps you to lose weight. Well, kiss my sorry cappuccino, of course I does, if that’s all you have. I start my day with coffee, think about it as I go to sleep and then dream about magical, never ending beans every night but where are the facts?

Seemingly you burn up to 10% more calories within in an hour of having a cup of coffee. I wonder if this works when you’re sitting doing nothing? now that would be a result. Having sex for 25 minutes helps to burn around 100 calories so, add the coffee, and it goes up to 110. Wham bang, thank you ma man!

What I’d like to know is; who has sex for 25 minutes? I’d love to be considered for some practical experimentation in this field; I don’t mean literally, in a field. A bed, a couch, a chair, or even, well anywhere really beats standing in an alley for 5 minutes.

When my metabolic rate goes up I can’t stop talking so I have a really thin face but my body looks like an eight months pregnant Betty Boo. Coffee is the most common psychoactive substance in the world which makes makes sense because I’m like an active psycho when I drink too much .

Caffeine also stimulates your nervous system and increases adrenaline to prepare you for some intense, physical exertion; helping to break down fatty acids. It makes sense to have some strong coffee before doing exercise, or a bit of the ‘other’!

I’m not advocating heavy drinking, especially when you’re on a diet, but caffeine may protect against cirrhosis of the liver, If you drink more than 4 cups a day you may have and 80% lower chance of developing liver disease. Mental disorders, especially among women, are significantly lowered in women who have an increased coffee intake.

A cup of black coffee is a weight buster and contains about 2 calories so it would be possible to have 500 a day and still be within the suggested 1200 a day limit. You could then have half a blueberry muffin as a special treat.

There you go. Obviously I’m no expert but if you follow these rules you’ll either be hospitalised or lose those extra pounds by Christmas then have fun putting them all back on again.

Happy fat busting!


Next time: Activate your BAT system!

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