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Black Tie

Does a ‘Black Tie’ invitation excite or terrify you?

Nothing strikes terror into party goers at this time of year more than a ‘formal’ invitation; at least it should. In these times of ignorance regarding manners, some people have no clue about RSV-Peeing or what Black Tie actually means!

It is simply a black, single, breasted dinner Jacket, black dress trouser, choice of shirt (black or white but preferably white) and a black bow tie but NO…Let’s put a spin on it! Suddenly it’s whirring out of control and we’ve been flung a puffer jacket and a Fair Scratchy jumper.

I was at an event recently and there was such an eclectic range of ‘black ties’ I had a migraine for two days. Tartan trousers, purple velvet lounge suits, Versace  Puffers, tweed jackets with  open-necked check shirt (never a good look) and other highly inappropriate garb! The invitation clearly stated ‘Black Tie’; what’s not to get?

This type of ‘do’ actually makes it easy for men to get dressed. You don’t have to think about anything other than polishing your shoes which seems to be the second thing getting overlooked these days.

Dressing up in the evening should be a pleasure and some restrictions make it easy because there is no choice. So Guys, get the tie and the jacket, polish your shoes and your off. Don’t worry about being the same as everyone else because, no one is looking at you!  They’re all to busy gauping boobs and legs!

No questions, no drama, no stress.  This is the one and only time I’d like to be a man; at least they don’t have to think about color, length, tits and legs, cleavage enhancers and self-tan or what volume of dress and hair is appropriate!

It’s a flaming minefield for women so think yourself lucky!

Make it easy on yourself and follow the rule!

Merry Bloody Christmas!

See you next time!


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