Black Friday

Black Friday

Why are we celebrating another American Tradition?

How on earth did we become embroiled in such a money making marketing catastrophe? For the past few of years we’ve bought into a false sense of urgency to buy goods from a range of retailers offering ‘massive’ discounts on a ‘day’ which now lasts for up to two weeks!

It was introduced after Thanksgiving and was originally given its name because, the sheer volume of shoppers caused traffic Jams and accidents. It even led to incidents of violence because of consuming greed to have as much as possible by spending the absolute minimum.

I worked in retail for years and to me Black Friday was when pubs and clubs were the busiest and with all the Christmas parties starting ‘books’ went from being red/loss into black/profit after a slump, because people had been saving for Christmas.

There were never sales before the festive season because we knew people would happily spend money anyway. It used to be the season to be Jolly but now everyone fights and scraps for discounted, meagre quality!

There used to be two massive sales a year, June and the January sales starting on Boxing Day. There were genuine bargains and they never started before the planned date. Seasonal stock was shifted for brand new Fashion and designs coming in. It was exciting, genuine and offered real savings giving value for money.

Out with the old and in with the new was the message!

We now see the same stock on the shelves all year round and there is no transition between Spring, Summer Autumn or Winter. Yes, new product is introduced but is hardly visible among the 20%- 30% off, half price, two for one and all the other ‘specials’ on offer. Everything is cheap but we pay the price on quality.

The Marketing of Black Friday has created a monster of Hysteria and greedy over-indulgence. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking we need to shop or there will be nothing left; when all the while factories in China have gone into overdrive to produce more product to be consumed at the cost of the environment.

You get what you pay for and we are all buying too much and will eventually be poor in natural resources and quality of life. Stressing about how to pay for the next, big, ‘sale’!

See you next time!


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