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Being an East End girl, formerly of The Gorbals, I used to take things from pubs all the time.  Glasses mainly, usually half full, drinking while walking home, toilet paper, the odd bottle of Vodka from behind the bar if the staff weren’t looking.  Now I only take away memories, old and new.

I often meet friends locally and The Kirkhouse is one of my favorites. The staff are chatty, friendly and I love to hear the gritty stories of the shenanigans at the weekend. I usually go during the week when they have a 2 for 1 at £9.95 and it’s wonderful value for money.

The East End gets bad press but I love the rough and tumble of the area. It’s honest to goodness, salt of the earth people help to make Gritty Glasgow what it is. In fact, if a wee fight breaks out it reminds me of New Year, christenings, funerals and the weddings of my very colorful childhood. No event was complete if someone didn’t end up in the jail.

Oh the nostalgia!

There is no pretense in the East End, no hipster plant pots full of chips or salad on a garden shovel here. Good, honest food served with a cheeky smile and a bit of banter. Although the Kirkhouse is chic and very cheerful. My wee Dad used to book the ‘Snug’ in this Pub for all our birthdays. So I have many great memories of this place. Both the Snug and my Da’ have long gone but the memories live on.

The girls Danni and Joan are very cheery lassies and see to every need while chatting to other people round about. Just before writing this I looked at a couple of reviews for The Kirkhouse and one ‘daft burd’ stated she was “told in a very brusque manner” she couldn’t get a table as she hadn’t made a reservation.

WTF, did she think she’s the queen?

It’s the East End most of us are brusque and cannae be bothered with posturing and pretentiousness. Manners are mirrored and respect is earned.

This is a very busy bar so phone to book in advance!

Go on, you know you want to!


0141 778 3725

Click the image below for more about Glasgow!

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