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Ciao Bella!

You talkin’ to me?

This salutation, “Ciao Bella”, is one of the things I love about Italian men and their skill in the art of blatant flirting!

Wether you are 2 or 80 years old you will be greeted in the same way and it’s charming!

Ciao is an informal way of saying both hello and cheerio and Bella, of course, means Beautiful.

When she came to Scotland, my mother-in-love confidently greeted everyone, as she met them, with an enthusiastic, ‘cheerio’! It was the first, and only word she learned in ‘English’.

I never corrected her because it entertained everyone, especially me, and she was delightful in her newfound way of making everyone smile!

There’s a line in the film Little Women when Aunt March says,

“What a disappointment he turned out to be; must be the Italian in him!”

This made me, and the rest of the audience, giggle but the charm, graciousness and complimentary aptitude Italian men have is what I love about this very, unique species. We are only ever dissappointed when expectations are not met! So, I only expect the charmingly unexpected!

Originally from the Venetian language, it’s now integral to English vocabulary and is used worldwide as a greeting.

Say Ciao to Renata and Angela…
‘Opening a restaurant is something I have always wanted to do. Myself and my family have always enjoyed eating out in great atmospheric venues where the food and service are consistently good
If there was anywhere I was going to realise my dream of running a great local 4 that’s passionate about food and good value for all then it was going to be here, in Burnside where my family and I have enjoyed working and being a part of the community for 30+ years. We hope you enjoy Ciao Bella, often and always.

I enjoyed it very much and on a very wet evening in Glasgow, the twinkly lights drew us into its Italian warmth and hospitality!


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  • Food was tasty and wholesome
  • Ambience was cosy
  • Staff: Ignazio and Dino were delightful
  • Cost is very reasonable
  • Will I go again…Absolutely!
  • 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅