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Piccolino e Vino!

When was the last time you had a ‘proper’ Italian experience?

Nestling in Newton Mearns , on the Southside of Glasgow, Piccolino e Vino is proper old school Italian offering a ‘true sense’ of Italy with an authentic and charming, dining experience.

The walls are adorned with copies of paintings by Da Vinci and Carravaggio!

I love Michelangelo who had quite the reputation as a bad boy; story of my life really!

He was like the modern day celebrity footballers, falling out of bars and getting into brawls. He was also a bit of a chib man and used to roam about brandishing unlicensed swords. He had delusion about DIY and once when he cut a hole in his ceiling to let more light in it led to him being evicted from his lodgings. Bit of a lad he was. The best place to see his work is in St John’s in Malta. I always visit when I’m there.

Caravaggio died at the age of 38 and the circumstances of his death are open to speculation and it has been suggested he was murdered but others would say he died of fever. We’ll never know the truth but his legacy lives on in his wonderful art and where his talent shines through and is very real.

Piccolino E Vino is based in Newton Mearns on the South Side of the city of Glasgow and still maintains its authentic Italian feel. They aim to give a true sense of what Italian food and drink should be and our experience was delightful.

Having been transported back to the magic of Italy its style is traditionally welcoming and comfortable ambience. The staff were attentive and informative without being over-friendly or familiar.

We opted for the Menu Fisso at a very reasonable £10.95 and I had the Penne Salsiccia –Tubes of De Cecco pasta tossed with a San Marzano tomato sauce and sautéed crumbled spicy Italian sausage. I finished off with the Tiramisu as the other two options were ice cream and I know it’s Italian but not my preferred dessert. Out of only 3 sweets on the menus 2 thirds were Ice cream. I think the selection could be improved.

Also of the 9 items on the main courses 4 of them had supplements. Although it was only £1 it really is a bugbear of mine. Just adjust the price overall or substitute something else. It’s not a fixed price if you are adding costs on!

Overall it was a lovely evening and worth travelling from the East End for.

So well done Piccolino E Vino!

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  • Food was tasty and authentic
  • Ambience was traditional
  • Staff: staff were delightful and efficient
  • Cost is very reasonableWill I go again…Traffic was awful at the time we went but I might go again!
  • 🏅🏅🏅🏅

To book Click the link below

Piccolino E Vino

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