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Dear World

Dear World

I know you’ve not been well and I’m sorry for not visiting but, well, you know how it is, we’re all so busy. Wee Greta keeps me informed about how you are, she’s trying so hard to look after you I’m afraid it’s making her quite unwell.

You will be fine, we all know how resilient you are; after all you were here before all of us and I’m sure you’ll survive this current wind of change.

Remember 2,4 billion years ago you had that very bad cold which nearly killed you but you survived it, 5 time in fact. We all knew you were due for another one but, based on the science, it might not come to pass for about 100,000 years, so get some vitamin C walloped into you and keep warm in the meantime.

I’d like to see more of you and hopefully I will but you are so vast, wild and unpredictable it’s not easy. Trying to make plans when fuel prices, wars, weather and life stop us in our tracks when trying to experience your ever-changing beauty.

That clever Nostradamus did say the moon will be knocked out of its orbit, you will dry up and we will all move somewhere else eventually. I think this will be so good for you so you and you will have a chance to rest, replenish and regenerate your energy for the ‘next big thing’.

Anyway, I know how busy you are and I heard you had some horrific burning down under to deal with, as well as everything else. Hopefully you are not too stressed and, one thing is sure, this too will pass.

I’ll say goodbye for now and I do hope to see more of you soon.

Take it easy,


Mere Mortal

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