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Do we live in a corrupt society?

The definition of Corruptions is; a form of dishonesty or criminal activity by a person or organisation who is entrusted with a position of authority. This can be for personal gain, social or economic advancement. Has corruption become such a ‘way of life’ we are becoming desensitized to it and have come to accept the almost criminal behavior of those in power?

Pavlo Ivanovych Lazerenko who was the Prime Minister of the Ukraine allegedly helped himself to $200 million equaling half a million for every day he was in office, or not? Using accounts in such places as Poland, Antigua and Switzerland he was able to invest in properties by laundering the money through shell companies.

After being stripped of his immunity guess where he ended up?


Donald Trump has been accused of putting pressure on Ukraine to uncover damaging information on one of his political rival. Urging them to dig dirt on the Democrats was an illegal act but will probably not result in him being removed from office.

Having won by a majority if he was removed it would nullify the choice of the voters in a democratic election so unless he had shocked the conscience of people who are loyal to him he would surely be re-elected. All the impeachment process seems to have done is intensify his level of support.

People would need to believe the Bidens and Clintons of this world are beyond reproach and completely ‘clean’ to justify his demise. The sad fact is people will settle for a certain level of corruption as long as ‘one’ has an excuse or a reasonable explanation.

Looks like they’re all at it to some,  live in glass houses and should not be throwing stones at anyone!

Even in the UK where royalty is concerned they have ‘special reporters’ who able access to ‘The Firm’ and a filter is applied to what can and cannot be safely written by the chosen paps!

So, are our Royal Family corrupt?

It’ll all come out in the Whitewash!

In the meantime, Shhhh…

They’re listening here…

Big Brother!



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