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OM Sweet OM

In my quest for a calm, settled and untroubled mind it’s Saturday night and I’m off to have a Vegan dinner with a second helping of meditation!

I know?

Last year I stopped eating fish because of an allergy and after recovering from the initial trauma of losing one of the most important things in my diet I had to explore other options. Hummus, quinoa, halloumi and soya make me balk and feel like a fraud even suggesting a Vegan diet!

Saturday night I attended OM Sweet OM in Oswald Street for an all you can eat event with some relaxation and of friendliness thrown in for good health and wellbeing!

Their mission is to promote the ‘art of sustainable happiness and conscious living’. As soon as I walked in I felt uplifted, had an overwhelming sense of belonging and I didn’t know anyone else in the room. How truly inspiring in a world of pretence and self-absorption.

When Arthur Schopenhauer wrote The Basis of Morality he explored the virtues of loving kindness and how we should help other by showing compassion without thought of reward or recognition. I experienced this within 5 minutes of walking into the room. A young man got up and gave me his seat without looking me in the eye or stalling for a thank you, he needed no accolade or appraisal.

The food was brought our seats and placed into our hands graciously with no more than a smile and graceful nod. The room was absent of ego and full of loving kindness. I have to admit I felt uncharacteristically emotional. In this one evening I’d experienced more, single acts of kindness than I have done in a very long time.

The vegan food was healthy, colourful and really, it wouldn’t have mattered because the taste of friendship and humility was fulfilling enough to satisfy even the most cynical critics. The fact I had only been interested in the food was such a mistake on my part as I was offered so much more than dinner.

Vedic culture involves activities such as yoga, meditation, Indian classical dance, holistic health systems and they support a violence free diet. All of these elements fit together in order to unite people to promote within themselves, and others, an ethos of ‘sustainable happiness’. These are all available at OM Sweet OM.

I had such a lovely evening, met gorgeous people, ate delicious food including some moist, chocolate and orange cake. Drunk my fill of chai tea and left feeling the most uplifted and satisfied I’ve been on a Saturday night out in Glasgow for a very long time.

Now that’s saying something!

There’s no Place Like OM!


Click here to read more about Arthur Schopenhauer

Click here to see what’s available at OM Sweet OM

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