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Have you ever thought your mind has been, or is, poisoned?

We all experience times when life and things don’t make sense to us and start to eat us away inside. We overthink and make mountains out of molehills. Recently I was talking to a friend about something I’d heard on the news which had made me very angry. Her response to me was simply;

“Why are you angry? it has absolutely nothing t do with you!”

Anger is such a strong feeling, yet means nothing, it’s not real. We create feelings in our minds which lead to hostility and people can tell just by looking at us how we feel. Our posture changes, faces are twisted and even the prettiest of us can look ugly and seem bitter. Hostility drives people away.

We manifest anger in different ways by shouting, banging things, slamming doors and ultimately by assaulting someone with insults or by being violent. It can also be expressed by the simplest of gestures or expressions given with our face or body language. However silent and isolated anger is, in my opinion, the most dangerous form of this disease of the mind.

Today the climate of hatred on social media has resulted in cowardly cruel behavior towards individuals who cannot retaliate. Online bullying is a poison, rushing through our society which is killing people at an epidemic rate. Bullies seek to harm and intimidate the vulnerable in an ongoing and relentless way. We are all bystanders who need to take action.

Although one single incident of insulting behavior or conflict is not defined as bullying, it can be the catalyst which carries the venom administered to the weak¬† and wounded, resulting in tragedy. Feeding¬† hatred and jealousy by contaminating someone’s ‘feed’ with toxins can only have one result; Indignity, shame and possible worthlessness leading to Suicide!

Recent events have shown how sensationalized someones personal tragedy can be and it is none of our business. We need to now take action to defend and no longer sit on the sidelines being ‘entertained’ by pain and hurt. If we witness an act of unkindness we need to retaliate with love, kindness and compassion, because we all have a duty of care!

Use it well! #




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