When I said to The Mary we’re off to Dimora she hit out with;

“Wit dae ye mean? I thought we were going out tonight?

And…why are you talking wi’ an Italian accent?

‘Di Morra!’”

Dimora has a simple philosophy and aim to share their passion for food while offering a modern, authentic dining experience.  Housed in a beautifully palatial property at 222 Ayr Road it’s easily accessible from town.  We were welcomed by the gorgeous Carmen before being introduced to the very handsome Peppe. He’s a charming man who oozes kindness and has an obvious passion for promoting unadulterated Italian food.

Peppe’s grandmother was from Capri and his Grandfather from Sorrento.  Together they introduced him to the art of putting together complimentary flavours using the best available ingredients from the region of Campania on the Amalfi coast. I love this part of Italy and have spent many days exploring nearby villages and towns such as Sorrento, Positano, Sant’ Angello and Sant’ Agata.

Peppe suggested we have the Taster Menu and, to tell you the truth, it’s the most excited I’ve been since I was introduced to coffee in 1972!peppe-staiano-2First thing’s first and The Mary was foaming at the mouth for a Focaccia because she’d not had any for about 6 weeks. It’s been a lot longer for me and I’m not talking dough balls here but that’s another story and not for this forum. The focaccia was perfect. Half rock salt and Rosemary and the other garnished with fresh, vine tomatoes and basil. The Mary was truly nel paradiso della pizza bianca!

Outside of Capri, I hardly ever order a Caprese salad because often you’re hit with a blob of white rubber with tasteless, beef tomato. However, at Dimora, the mozzarella was juicy, succulent and full of milky magnificence; surrounded by six different colours of flavoursome tomatoes at varying levels of maturity. The dressing of olive oil was delicately scented with oregano, served on a base of tantalising, green leaves.

We were then served an original dish created by Peppe’s Nonna made with baked aubergine, mozzarella, tomato sauce, fried basil and, wait for it, a sprinkle of dark, bitter chocolate. It was magnificent. The Mary, actually, fainted and, when she came to, was making embarrassing sex noises.

Food like this is one of the reasons I don’t need a man in my life. It makes me happy, fills me with joy, I can pay to have it when and where I want and possibly, like some of the men I know, I don’t have to be faithful to one dish. At Dimora however I was a wee bit in love and might pledge my troth to be faithful forever more.

That’s how good the scran was.

We had a pasta dish with a sauce so delicious even my English degree doesn’t bequeath me with the ability to describe the taste.

Then the lamb nearly got me arrested because the only way I could describe it was – like biting into a new, born baby’s chubby cheek! When I said this to Carmen she looked both flattered and horrified at the same time. I think she might have been scared to come back to the table for a while and sent over the equally beautiful Courtney.

I was so overwhelmed by flavours, quality and variety I had to ask them to stop or I’d never have been able to drive home. Even the bread, baked on the day, was unbelievably tasty; made with lard, pecorino cheese, pancetta and salami.

Try to imagine it?

We finished off with a nibble, well a slice each, of ricotta, orange and chilli cheesecake and my absolute favourite, Italian Aroma Coffee!

That night I had erotic dreams of Amalfi which consisted of me, walking along the rugged coastline, wearing a dress made of sun-dried tomatoes and an aubergine and chocolate straw hat. As I strolled along the beach Gaetano, Stefano and Mauro (The three Musketeers from Dimora) were throwing pasta shells at me from all angles, guiding me through a path of anti-pasta, which let me back to the door of Dimora!

As we were leaving The Mary asked if they were ‘up for they Italian Awards‘ I said I didn’t know and asked what she would nominate them for to which she sighed?

“Awe the Awards, every, single, one of them!”

Ci Vediamo Presto because I know I only sampled a fraction what Dimora, my new home from home, has on offer!

Con Amore!


To learn more about the Amalfi Coast Click here!

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