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How Evergreen is your Content?

Many topics are universal and static but still remain crucial to your business. An example would be, how your company started, where you are based and what is your passion as this, generally will not change. Italian Aroma Coffee is a Glasgow based, coffee roaster, they have a passion for Italian coffee and are committed to providing the highest quality possible!

That will not change!

Time sensitive content however, could be when they introduced their coffee pods which are 100% plastic free made from 100% cornstarch. This information could and probably would change if there was a shortage of cornstarch or production methods were developed. Also, they recently sponsored the Scottish Baking Awards but might not do that next year so information is time sensitive.

Even Evergreen needs to be updated occasionally in order to follow and engage with a new audience so reviewing and renewing is essential to stay in the Google game.

  • Keywords – make sure you are optimizing by using Key words which fit your brand
  • List – split these KEY words into organised groups so they can effectively be used for different campaigns
  • PPC – Make sure your Pay Per Click by adverts are targeted towards individual groups to get a higher CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Optimise – your landing page should directly provide a simple cohesive experience for clients who visit. Your message and directives should be clear and site easy to navigate
  • Budget – continuously identify, exclude and update any negative words or terms which could affect your budget by being dormant

By choosing universal topics, key information about your business and conducting valid research you will appear fresh and informative while being trend neutral in your Evergreen Content. You could say your Evergreen plants the seed and your Time Sensitive information waters your business and keeps it alive!


To fine out more about content click here!

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