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Open For Whatever?

What is the responsibility of the government?

If we are to go forward based on the reliability of the facts then we are scuppered because the messages we are receiving are muddled, ingenuous and misinformed to say the least!

Do we have responsibility for ourselves

My planned holiday to Italy was going ahead until the moment it was cancelled by the airline and that is how it is. Had it not been, I would have happily got on the plane and probably had a ball. My break may have been cut short but then I’d always have the memories and a great story of how the border shut down, I was rescued by the military, I got home in a helicopter with a handsome pilot!

I’ve always had a lustrous and lustful love for life and most mornings I’m delighted to wake up at all. I make the most of things. Now, if the ‘Government’ don’t have the balls to order me, they are simply ‘suggesting’, I don’t go to pubs and restaurants; well you know what?

I’ll be dining out and meeting my like-minded friends until I’m put under house arrest.

I’m not naive or stupid, I’m simply going about my business as I see fit, until ‘ordered’ otherwise and then there needs to be a bloody good explanation as to the why and how this will pan out.  I know it’s unknown territory but, Boris, get your balls strapped on and make a decision.

I’ll lend you a Glittery pair!


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