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Sweet Charity!

What have you done to be proud of today?

As I’ve watched some of my favourite eateries close because of the Corona Virus it’s been astonishing how some of them have coped and flourished altruistically. In spite of the horrific situation facing them, whereby they’ve had to let staff go, not knowing exactly how they will be supported financially or emotionally.

What have they done?

Eusebi Deli in the West End shot sharply off their mark when GM Michael Prior noted a post on Social Media and turned a personal negative into a marvellous positive for The Kindness Homeless street team. The call to action was an urgent plea for the most vulnerable people in the city. Some of them would normally gain enough to survive on the street from begging, but, in a time of Lockdown streets were as bare as their stomachs.

Within a week Eusebi staff were helping by supplying meals, sandwiches and whipping up help form the local community. Some of their customers offered to butter bread, boil eggs and other seemingly simple tasks which were integral for this charity food chain to operate.

This is so much more than charity; which can often be used, in business, to save on taxes and gain publicity. What ‘s going on her is philanthropy at its best by giving to a human cause and showing a desire to improve the welfare of people in need. True altruism is when an act is performed with no apparent benefit for the individual concerned by giving and expecting nothing in return.

For Eusebi this will not be the case because showing such understanding of how to turn things around for good, will only lead to an increased love of a The Eusebi Food Family and the service they provide within the community…

Whatever the economic climate, be it fair or foul!

Well done Michael, Giovanna and team!


If you would like to support The Kindness Homeless follow this LINK!

Pictures are by the very talented Stewart Churchill

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