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Human Kindness

Should we ever fear too much kindness?

Sometimes when people are too kind and we can feel overwhelmed, especially in times of extreme sadness and can reject offers of help.

When Shakespeare wrote;

“Yet doe I feare thy Nature, it is too full o’ the’ Milke of humane kindnesse.”

Lady Macbeth was unsure her king wasn’t ruthless enough to carry out his role.

Is an act of kindness ever wasted?

When you’re kind it instills confidence in others about what it is they are trying to achieve whether it is donating to charity or a kind word, it will have repercussions for the other person. If however, you are using it as a stepping stone to enhance your character or see it as a way to advance your own path towards a goal then it is a misuse of a very powerful skill.

In Macbeth Lady M thinks her King is too gentle to get to the top quickly enough she quickly attempts to corrupt his sensibility. In her eyes Macbeth’s major ‘flaw’ was his ability to gain respect and be well-liked by his people she reviled the goodness in him. In her cruelty over him by controlling and coercing him towards evil she succeeded in tipping the balance towards their demise

Recently there have been many very public displays of kindness for our NHS staff and we go out and clap on a Thursday and although this can be all over social networks and  the news they are too busy to accept the accolade as it happens. There have also been cases of them being abused by the public and vilified as ‘Corona Carriers’ and ‘Spreaders of Sickness’ but these incidents have been fewer but will have a horrific effect because they have been aimed at individuals and not an authority or group.

When, as they say, ‘this is over’ the cheers and the kindness must not end and we, also, as individuals can make a universal difference if we continue to support and honour each other in any way possible. Tell people how well they are doing for the smallest thing and urge them to do more. Every little act of kindness will be multiplied and the world will be a better place for the suffering we have to go through now cannot be in vain.

So, let’s all grab the crown and lead the revolution of positivity with random acts of kindness no matter how small. Set yourself a goal and soon it will become a habit and the feeling you will receive will be uplifting and the gratitude you experience will become the source of your super power!

Start now!

  • Send a positive message to 3 different people
  • Write someone a letter; especially good if they love alone
  • Compliment people as you speak to them
  • Let someone go before you if they have less than you in the store
  • Bake some cakes and give them out to neighbours
  • Put your phone away and say hello to someone on the bus or the train

Lastly, smile at everyone and walk in the sun with your head held high knowing you did and will continue to make a difference, one random act at a time till it’s viral!






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