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Covid19 Breakdown

Were you struggling to stay positive during this #Covid19 Lockdown?

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.”
Bo Bennett

Now I’m feeling stressed about re-entering civilisation and panicking about the simplest things. So, let’s go gently into the next phase. There is no rush!

It makes such a difference to getting up in the morning especially if I had a challenging day ahead. That way, I don’t get back in. I then brush my teeth, wash my face and make coffee.Some days even these tasks are difficult but I find this 1 2 3 works for me.

However if I have trouble getting up I try the ‘Rocket’ method which I heard on the radio one morning. It was a lady and she had suffered from terrible depression and she saw a report on the news about space travel. It came to her mind the next morning as she woke up and she thought 3 2 1 Blastoff and jumped up. Not only did it get her up but when I do it I laugh my head off. It’s so simple but sometimes it’s all we need.

Find what works for you be it dancing round the kitchen, dressing up, exercise, do whatever it takes. In this week 6 for me I’m looking back and thinking about what I could have been doing instead of doing it. So, today I wrote this. I’m not an expert and it’s not scientific but it’s made me feel better and given me a sense of purpose.

Now I’m beginning to feel anxious about going out and it all seems a bit much but I’ll take it one day at a time and relax into this new world. It’s like a new beginning and I’m looking forward but not too far.

Remember to start with the little things and get up and make your bed!

Today was a good day and tomorrow who knows but I’ll do the best I can to stay safe and stay home.

It’s not that hard really!

Don’t rush into it!


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