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Embrace Any Age!

Do you rage when people say this?

“You look great, for your age!”

In my mind I punch the offender slap, bang in the middle of the face, blood spatters all over me and I walk away with my stained, fabulous, self, content in the fact they will learn lessons, the hard way!

Being older, for me, means freedom, to choose, to use, to engage or stay silent. My opinions matter but unlike my younger self, I don’t always offer them. I think them, smile and walk away. Some days I’m caught up in a haze of stupidity with opinions flying over my head but hitting others with force and deliberate harm.

People are offended so easily but are quick to retort with equal audacity and insult.

I’m floating through my twilight years, with fading eyesight, seeing what I want to see and doing what I like, with whomever I choose. Pretending I can’t hear what people are saying is my new Netflix. It entertains me when asked, as they scan my incontinence pads, nodding sympathetically,

“How are you today, do you have everything you need?”

And I reply…smiling wickedly…

“Yes, in fact, I had an orgasm two hours ago and it was fabulous, in fact, I’m still dribbling. That’s why I need the Tena Ladies. Thank you so much for asking!”

If I’m being served by a ‘Snowflake’ chances are; they’ll start crying, give me a blank stare, or not have listened because, they are not, in the least, interested in anything I have to say.  They may even, having been deeply offended, report me to management, Then I pretend not to understand what’s going on as they try to bar me from the store or get social services involved!

In the end, I’ll walk away, smiling, in the knowledge I can smell the flowers, take a joke, not be offended, breathe easily, eat cake, dance in my kitchen, laugh out loud at a world, to which I have contributed my best, knowing…

The best is yet to come!



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