Bel Fiore

What is your favourite flower?

I recently found the most beautiful Violet in the name of Viola Mondello who is a Senior Pastry Sous Chef at the Cromlix Hotel in Perthshire!

Viola is a bomboloni of energy and her pastries had me returning and salivating for days!

I liked Viola before I met her. Having seen pictures of her pastries on various Social network platforms and went to seek her out. She very graciously volunteered with a non-profit cafe while on furlough and when eventually got there I was not disappointed.

On entering the cafe her smile was the first thing I saw and she lit the place up. Viola makes the best Arancini I have ever tasted!

She is so full of life and dedicated to what she does I ended up doing a days work there to spend more time with her and see Chef Mondello at work. Her enthusiasm and passion is beyond anything I have ever seen, she sparkled, sprinkled chocolate and pounded pastry so beautifully I’ve bpoked a couple of days away in Dunblane to sample some more of her delights.

In her own words,

“I am a sculptor and a pastry chef, in the broadest sense of the term. Most of my works, my personal pastry work, are conceived through the reworking and manipulation of memories, intended as living and organic matter. The kitchen is, together with the sound, the most important element of my artistic research, through which I tell the story, I explain a sensation, I activate the memory in my spectators by kneading, cooking and metabolising the material. In food, the family identity is enclosed , which, in turn becomes the identity of an entire community.

Losing memory is like losing identity.”

Viola Mondello

In two weeks I’m off to following my senses and will create new memories in order to tell my story which will now include this wonderful woman as she journeys through art, food and life!

Watch this space!


Why not book and afternoon tea to sample Viola’s Delights!