Black Friday

Black Friday

Why are we celebrating another American Tradition?

How on earth did we become embroiled in such a money making marketing catastrophe? For the past few of years we’ve bought into a false sense of urgency to buy goods from a range of retailers offering ‘massive’ discounts on a ‘day’ which now lasts for up to two weeks!

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Black Tie

Does a ‘Black Tie’ invitation excite or terrify you?

Nothing strikes terror into party goers at this time of year more than a ‘formal’ invitation; at least it should. In these times of ignorance regarding manners, some people have no clue about RSV-Peeing or what Black Tie actually means! Continue reading “Black Tie”

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Lose Weight with Coffee

Can Coffee help you lose weight?

According to a study by hundreds of, so called, experts coffee helps you to lose weight. Well, kiss my sorry cappuccino, of course I does, if that’s all you have. I start my day with coffee, think about it as I go to sleep and then dream about magical, never ending beans every night but where are the facts? Continue reading “Lose Weight with Coffee”

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The East End of Glasgow might not be known for its culture, sophistication and class but the locals do know about good food and value for money. Last night I put my bet on a new and very chic eatery, which is sure to be a massive hit with East Enders and anyone else who cares to take a trip down Shettleston Road!

You will love it!

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7 Ways to Tempt him with Food?

Is he satisfied with your dish?

How do men like their favourite dish, wholesome or whoresome? Food, like the male ego, can be complicated and how you present your dish can make such a difference to your relationship. Give him yoghurt and he’ll want to spread it all over you and lick it off but, are you the girl he wants to marry?

Here are 7 ways to please him with food!

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Afternoon Delight

Do you ever get that sinking feeling in the afternoon?

I love a hefty breakfast and think about coffee as I go to sleep. Overnight porridge is my go to at the moment because it’s pre-prepared and easy; bit like myself actually. I’m always willing and able but that’s for another platform and not really appropriate for a daytime audience!

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O Sole Mio

In the words of the song, sometimes the best things are there;
‘Sta ‘nfronta te!’
They are right there in front of us and we become so familiar we no longer recognise the goodness, kindness, love and suddenly, it’s gone!Sometimes we need to go back to the beginning, maybe toa time when we had less but wanted more. Did we all crave to be better and move on to bigger, better, shiny new ‘things’?

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