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Lose Weight with Coffee

Can Coffee help you lose weight?

According to a study by hundreds of, so called, experts coffee helps you to lose weight. Well, kiss my sorry cappuccino, of course I does, if that’s all you have. I start my day with coffee, think about it as I go to sleep and then dream about magical, never ending beans every night but where are the facts? Continue reading “Lose Weight with Coffee”


Afternoon Delight

Do you ever get that sinking feeling in the afternoon?

I love a hefty breakfast and think about coffee as I go to sleep. Overnight porridge is my go to at the moment because it’s pre-prepared and easy; bit like myself actually. I’m always willing and able but that’s for another platform and not really appropriate for a daytime audience!

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How Good is Your Coffee?

What nation drinks the most coffee? I’ve always thought it was the Italians but it’s not. Having spent a couple of months in Finland I am shocked to find out they are the world’s top Coffee Drinkers! This baffles me because didn’t drink one memorable cup of coffee and by my second visit I decided to take coffee with me.


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History of Coffee!

What’s the first thing you think of when you smell coffee and where do you think it comes from? There are many myths and legends regarding the origins but I love the funny, charming one about Kaldi and his dancing goats. It might not be true but it certainly is one of the most entertaining. What do you think? Continue reading “History of Coffee!”

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First Love!

For the Love of Coffee! I love the Aroma of fresh coffee and possibility in the morning. When we say we love ‘things’ no one bats a puppy lashed aye but when it come to saying thos three short words people run for their lives or think they have to commit to the idea of forever. Why are some people scared of the word ‘Love’?

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Addicted to Coffee!

Every day I aim to improve my performance in all aspects of my life!

I aim to be a better person, be more motivated, supportive, kind, caring and find ways to increase my sex drive, which, being a Scorpio is challenging. All of this I endeavor to do with the help of COFFEE!

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