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OM Sweet OM

In my quest for a calm, settled and untroubled mind it’s Saturday night and I’m off to have a Vegan dinner with a second helping of meditation!

I know?

Last year I stopped eating fish because of an allergy and after recovering from the initial trauma of losing one of the most important things in my diet I had to explore other options. Hummus, quinoa, halloumi and soya make me balk and feel like a fraud even suggesting a Vegan diet!

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Summer’s End!


The end of Summer Party at Dimora happened to be on one of the hottest days this month! On Saturday I spent a lovely afternoon in the Pimm’s Garden with beautiful friends and wonderful food.  Dimora,  is in Newton Mearns, on the outskirts of Glasgow.  The food is authentic and made using local produce, where possible but also Peppe, the owner, imports specialities from his home in the region of Campania in Italy.

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