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Online Dating

Have you tried fingering your keyboard for a date?

In order to consider the minefield of online dating, let’s break it down!

Online, by sheer definition, is an entity controlled by, or connected to, a computer. Leonard Kleinrock was one of the pioneers who wrote about ARPANET in 1961 which preceded the internet as we now know it.

Dating has many meanings; one being a ‘trial period in which people explore whether to take the relationship further, towards a more permanent contract’.

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7 Ways to Tempt him with Food?

Is he satisfied with your dish?

How do men like their favourite dish, wholesome or whoresome? Food, like the male ego, can be complicated and how you present your dish can make such a difference to your relationship. Give him yoghurt and he’ll want to spread it all over you and lick it off but, are you the girl he wants to marry?

Here are 7 ways to please him with food!

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First Love!

For the Love of Coffee! I love the Aroma of fresh coffee and possibility in the morning. When we say we love ‘things’ no one bats a puppy lashed aye but when it come to saying thos three short words people run for their lives or think they have to commit to the idea of forever. Why are some people scared of the word ‘Love’?

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Addicted to Coffee!

Every day I aim to improve my performance in all aspects of my life!

I aim to be a better person, be more motivated, supportive, kind, caring and find ways to increase my sex drive, which, being a Scorpio is challenging. All of this I endeavor to do with the help of COFFEE!

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Be Still My Dripping Heart!

Here we go!

Another year and another table for one! Don’t get me wrong it’s my choice to be on my own but seriously, even my independent, confident heart leaks when overwhelmed with a barrage of blood red hearts and flowers!

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